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      34 Stephan is planning his work for the day.

      Once Stephan has decided what has to be done what should he now do in order to manage his time effectively?

      A. Work on the most complex task first in order to get it out of the way

      B. Deal with all matters marked as 'urgent' in his in-basket

      C. Set priorities and schedule the work according to thesepriorities

      D. Work on the tasks that others are pressurising him to complete (2 marks)

      35 The payables ledger section of the finance team relies on the purchasing department to do which TWO of the following?

      A. Toinform them of payments received

      B. Toconfirm the validity of invoices received fromsuppliers

      C. Toadvise them of allpurchase orders (1 mark)

      (2 marks) True False

      36 Two departments have requested a new photocopier, but the company cannot afford two machines. The proposed solution is to provide a shared access to a single new copier and place the copier between the twodepartments.

      What type of conflict resolution is this?

      A. Win-lose

      B. Lose-lose

      C. Win-win (1 mark)

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