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      25 JKL Co is a multinational organisation that produces pharmaceuticals. These are all manufactured in different countries and each manufacturing facility has its own executive organisation that operates autonomously.

      This is an example of which type of organisational structure?

      A. Product

      B. Functional

      C. Divisional

      D. Matrix(2 marks)

      26 The legal concept of protects employees against arbitrary dismissal; that is

      dismissal without good reason.

      Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above?

      A. Wrongful dismissal

      B. Constructive dismissal

      C. Unfair dismissal (1 mark)

      27 Joanne works in the human resources department of CBA Co. One of her roles is to offer advice to employees of the company who are experiencing personal difficulties such as stress, personal relationship problems and other matters affecting their work. Joanne provides guidance on a one-to-one and confidential basis, often referring employees to consultants or organisations that can provide specialist advice.

      What is Joanne's role in CBA Co?

      A. Coach

      B. Counsellor

      C. Mentor

      D. Buddy (2 marks)

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