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      22 Which TWO of the following are characteristics of an effective team?

      A. Free and open communication

      B. Passive acceptance of decisions

      C. Constructive criticism (1 mark)

      23 In relation to selection interviews which of the following is a description of the 'halo effect'?

      A. Making a decision about the suitability of interviewees quite early on in the interview process

      B. Making a conscious decision about interviewees based on placing greater emphasis on personal characteristics rather than their technical knowledge and competence

      C. Assuming that all interviewees from a specific source, category or grouping will share the same personal attributes and characteristics

      D. Making judgements about the suitability of interviewees based on the subconscious

      influence on the interviewer of the interviewee's personal traits (2 marks)

      24 Which of the following organisations would rely most heavily on value for money indicators and efficiency rather than information on performance and profitability?

      A. A small retailer

      B. A private accountancycollege

      C. A local authority

      D. A pension fund (2 marks)

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