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      4 Adam, Boris, Chow and Dev all work from home. Boris, Chow and Dev all report to the same manager at the company's head office. Adam reports to Boris and has no communication with the manager at head office. Boris, Chow and Dev never contact one another directly. Any communications between them take place through their manager.

      The pattern of communication described above is represented by which of the following?

      A. The circle

      B. The chain

      C. The wheel

      D. The Y (2 marks)

      5 Who prefers training to be designed to allow time for analysis in accordance with Honey and Mumford's classification of learningstyles?

      A. An activist

      B. A theorist

      C. A pragmatist (1 mark)

      6 In relation to data protection laws, which TWO of the following should be classified as personal data?

      A. The absence record of Cheryl, anemployee

      B. The payment record of Hardy Limited, a customer

      C. The accountant's opinion of Abdul, the finance director (1 mark)

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